Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Provost and Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, Virginia, and author of the book, The Spirituality of the Cross, discusses Worship in Reformation Theology with Pr. Todd Wilken (mp3, 28:28, 11.4 MB, 2010-Mar-25)


Pr. Wilken: "What do you make of the tendency now, sad to say, kind of an increasingly popular tendency, among people who have inherited this confession, this theology from the Lutheran reformation, to abandon the historic worship of the Church for, as you say, more man-centered, more me-centered, more feelings-centered methods and practices?"

Dr. Veith: "To somebody that comes from the outside into Lutheranism, who found in Lutheranism something so tremendous and so profound and so helpful in the most deepest way … it's amazing to me to see people who already have that and want to throw that away, and try to worship or practice in the way that I was leaving and found so shallow and so unhelpful ultimately. It's something that I just can't comprehend. And I think maybe it's the familiarity, and maybe they don't understand it, or they're tired of it or the grass is always greener on the other side, and it just puzzles me. I just can't understand why someone who has Lutheranism, Lutheran worship, would go to something so much less. It just staggers me."