HT: Pr Jeff Hemmer on his blog, Hemmersphere

“To neglect your church, your prayer, your Bible study, your devotions, is to tell God that you have no desire to grow, to become more and more His child, that you are satisfied with being a weak and shaky Christian, and that you have had as much as you want from Him. How perilously such a person is slipping away from God. Everything that is not in accord with God's will is given over to death and the power of darkness. But, my friends, if we cling to Christ and His Word, growing daily in the will of God, striving to bring our lives into harmony with that will, what strength is ours, what then can harm us? When we are given over to the will of God, nothing can destroy, no more than God and His will can be destroyed. The unshakeable strength of the will of God is in us, though the world turn upside down.” (Dr. Norman Nagel, Selected Sermons, p. 245.)

Some opportunities for growth (from Pr. Hemmer):

  • If you attend church less frequently than you should, set a goal to attend every Sunday that you are healthy.
  • If you do not currently attend Bible class (or Sunday school), set a goal to grow in the Word by studying it at Bible class.
  • If you do not currently have family devotions every day, set a goal to begin using Treasury of Daily Prayer (with accompaniment) or Portals of Prayer for family prayer and devotions every day.