Luther's Inner Circle

Luther’s Father Confessor: Johann von Staupitz

Dr. Marcus Wriedt, Goethe University

(mp3, 57:27, 52.8 MB, 2016-Oct-24)

Luther’s Fellow Reformer: Philip Melanchthon

Dr. Ken Schurb, author, “Philip Melanchthon, the Formula of Concord, and the Third Use of Law”

(mp3, 1:13:30, 67.5 MB, 2016-Oct-25)

Luther’s Pastor: Johannes Bugenhagen

Dr. Kurt Hendel, Lutheran School of Theology

(mp3, 57:49, 53.1 MB, 2016-Oct-26)

Luther’s Princes: Frederick the Wise, John the Steadfast & John Frederick

Pr. Paul McCain, Concordia Publishing House

(mp3, 58:20, 53.6 MB, 2016-Oct-27)

Luther’s Wife: Katharina von Bora

Dr. Martin Treu, Luther-Gesellschaft

(mp3, 1:11:25, 65.6 MB, 2016-Oct-28)