Pr. William Weedon and Pr. Todd Wilken discuss the liturgy of Holy Baptism:

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Part 1 (mp3, 57:20, 23.1 MB, 2013-Aug-07)

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Part 2 (mp3, 57:51, 23.3 MB, 2013-Aug-15)


Part 3 (mp3, 57:15, 23.1 MB, 2013-Aug-22)

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Part 4 (mp3, 57:20, 23.1 MB, 2013-Sep-05)



Pr. William Weedon, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Hamel, Ill, discusses the Liturgy of Holy Baptism with Pr. Todd Wilken:

  1. What is Baptism?, Exorcism, and Sign of the Cross (mp3, 53:50, 24.65 MB, 2003-Oct-14)

  2. Luther's Flood Prayer, Gospel Reading, and The Lord's Prayer (mp3, 53:51, 24.66 MB, 2003-Oct-21)

  3. Blessing, Renunciations, and The Apostles' Creed (mp3, 53:04, 24.30 MB, 2003-Nov-04)

  4. The Baptism, and Our Daily Remembrance (mp3, 53:51, 24.66 MB, 2003-Nov-11)

  5. Robe, Candle, Exhortation to Sponsors, and Concluding Prayer (mp3, 38:55, 17.82 MB, 2003-Nov-18)

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