Guests talk about five past presidents of the LCMS with Pr. Todd Wilken (All 5 parts: mp3, 1h31m04s, 36.5 MB, 2010-Jul-05; transcript, 193 KB, 20 pages)

  1. Dr. Martin Noland talks about Dr. C.F.W. Walther (mp3, 18:31, 16.96 MB)

  2. Dr. Larry Rast talks about Dr. Friedrich Wyneken (mp3, 19:52, 18.2 MB)

  3. Dr. John Wohlrabe talks about Dr. Friedrich Pfotenhauer (mp3, 14:09, 12.97 MB)

  4. Dr. Paul Zimmerman talks about Dr. J.A.O. Preus, Jr. (mp3, 18:12, 16.67 MB)

  5. Dr. Ken Schurb talks about Dr. A.L. Barry (mp3, 20:18, 18.6 MB)

Presidents of the LCMS