Pr. William Weedon blogs about Lutherans bringing their own hymnals from home to church every service:

You know, it was truly one of the saddest ideas to ever catch on. Putting those hymnals in the church. Because before, the hymnals belonged to you personally and you didn't leave your hymnal behind at church - you took it to your home. There you prayed out of it and sang out of it during the week. Everyone had one by the time they were confirmed - they made hugely popular confirmation gifts. So the family could whip out the hymnals in the evening and sing together, or pray a psalm or offer the prayers. When we started leaving the hymnal in the nave, we started leaving church in the church instead of bringing church into the home. CPH is trying to fix the problem by suggesting that the hymnal belongs in every home. I think that's too weak. It doesn't belong in every home. They belong in every home. As many as the folks in the home, so let the number of the hymnals be (and maybe a couple extras for guests!); and let them not be dusty but let us learn again the art of our forefathers in the faith - finding in the hymnal, the Bible, and the Catechism the source for our daily prayers, singing and making a joyful noise to the Lord with all our heart.