1. Confessional Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism:

Pastor William Weedon, St. Paul's Lutheran, Hamil, Ill. (mp3, 54:37, 21.9 MB, 2011-Oct-24)

2. Confessional Lutheranism and Calvinism:

Dr. Ken Schurb, Zion Lutheran, Moberly, Mo. (mp3, 54:44, 22.0 MB, 2011-Oct-25)

3. Confessional Lutheranism and Mainline Protestantism:

Dr. Martin Noland, Trinity Lutheran, Evansville, Ind. (mp3, 54:41, 21.9 MB, 2011-Oct-26)

4. Confessional Lutheranism and Liberal Lutheranism: 

Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. (mp3, 54:41, 21.9 MB, 2011-Oct-27)

5. Confessional Lutheranism and American Evangelicalism: 

Dr. Larry Rast, Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, Ind. (mp3, 54:41, 21.9 MB, 2011-Oct-28)