Pastors' Roundtable on The First Article of the Creed - God the Father, with host Pr. Todd Wilken and guests (mp3, 54:30, 22 MB, 2009-Aug-13)

Pr. Timothy Mueller, St. John Lutheran Church, New Minden, Ill. and St. Luke Lutheran Church, Covington, lll,
Pr. Steve Sommerer, Messiah Lutheran Church, Carlyle, Ill., and
Pr. Charles Lehmann, St. John Lutheran Church, Accident, Md.

Excerpt on Theistic Evolution:

Pr. Timothy Mueller: "If evolutionary teaching is true, and theistic evolution that things came into being by this billions of year process directed by God somehow, then God is the author and the source of evil and death. But the Scriptures tell a radically different story that God created everything good, and it is man's sin that plunged the world into such trouble and misery that we have. And Christ is the Redeemer of man and in Him all creation will be redeemed."