Dr Steven Hein, Concordia Institute for Christian Studies, Monument, Co., discusses the Attributes of God with Pr. Todd Wilken (mp3, 54:47, 21.9 MB, 2008-Nov-26)


Pr. Wilken: "Are you worshiping the true God?

(I)f your preacher doesn't get you to the cross every Sunday,
he hasn't gotten you to the true God.
He's gotten you to a reasonable facsimile,
but not the true God.

If he doesn't get you to the suffering, the bleeding, the dying of Jesus Christ for you at the cross,
(he) may have said many true things about God,
but God has not revealed Himself to you, yet.

This is why whether you are preaching or praying or singing on Sunday morning,
when you go to worship God,
make sure it's the true God
and not just your preacher's reasonable facsimile
or a god of your own invention.

Make sure it is Christ and Him crucified, raised from the dead, for you and for your salvation."