Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller, Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, Co. discusses Lutheran Evangelism with Pr. Todd Wilken (mp3, 26:32, 10.4 MB, 2009-Jun-23)

Pr. Wolfmueller is author of the article A Lutheran Theology of Evangelism, and co-host of the program, Table Talk Radio.


Pr. Wilken: "Is it possible to care more about evangelism than the evangel?"

Pr. Wolfmueller: "I think that distinction, right there, is just precisely outlining the difference between a pastor and a church bureaucrat, or maybe a Christian and a church bureaucrat. For one of the Lord's Christians, the thing, the theological blood that beats through our heart is the evangel, the good news that Jesus lived and died on the cross for our sins, that He rose again for our justification, and that even now He stands before the Father pleading our case, on our behalf, that this good news, that everything that God has done for us, this is what makes a Christian.

"If you start to care more about spreading that news or getting that news out there, and you care about that more than the news itself, then I really think you've finally become a church bureaucrat and what you're interested in is organizing people or aligning people to be busy about the news of telling the Gospel but you never actually get around to telling the Gospel itself, to speaking the forgiveness of sins."